Growing up on a farm in western Pennsylvania, Rawn Hutchinson learned the basics of hard work right from the beginning. During his high school years he played football, worked on the farm and enjoyed fast cars and rock and roll in his spare time. After four years in the Marines, Rawn drove 18 wheelers, waited tables, owned a gas station, had his own distribution business, sold real estate and owned a thriving construction company. All along learning how to make money and survive through good times and bad.

In 1976, Rawn was living in Phoenix, Arizona working construction during the day, driving an 18 wheeler at night and singing with a reunited 50s group called “The Crests” on the weekends. Rawn was constantly watching for great opportunities, and when the film industry crossed his path he grabbed it. After a year of doing local commercials as an actor, Rawn finally earned his SAG card and made the big move to Hollywood. Since then Rawn has worked as an actor, a stunt driver, a stunt coordinator, a 2nd unit director and is now writing his own scripts and directing. Rawn still owns and operates “Team Hutchinson”, a stunt driving team.

Rawn has been a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1977 and a member of the DGA since 1996.


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